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Adware, spyware and computer virus have some similarities on certain aspects whereby all of them really annoyed computer users. There are few main key differentiators:

Spyware is basically software which has no intention to harm you PC. The main objective of Spyware is to create pathways for other PC owner to communicate with our PC. Normally they only collect that information such as types of web site that you visit. This information will be use by advertisers to send you any unwanted emails and pop-ups based on your browsing history.

Spyware is more harmful compare to adware because it has it owns executable programs which allow them to record keystroke scan your local files, cookies and web browser settings. All those information will be sent to spyware author and will be used for advertising and marketing purposes.

Adware is more legitimate type of freeware. Basically, advertising materials are packaged into a software or application whereby it will be automatically installed once the freeware is installed into your computer system.

There are some adware programs take the form of spyware. They also collect and submit the PC information to program authors as well.

The basic spyware infection is a pop-up ads that not really related to the site you are viewing and most of the time it is about adult contents. Another symptom of being affected is when your PC performance slowing down as a result of the spyware and its related component have found their way to penetrate your operating system.

So basically if you notice any performance issues when loading the PC, it might be the best time to scan your PC for any possible spyware infections.

Meanwhile, viruses are a type of software which is purely design to wreck havoc to your PC. They will normally replicate themselves and infect as many components of the PC’s operating system or network as possible.

Source by Mohd Shahrizan

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