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It was amazing! I was more than enthralled by this story. I actually had my mouth open, with no words coming out. Appearing on yahoo.com on Sunday, November 8, 2009, was the story of a couple who had a very vicious experience with computer viruses and spyware. In fact this guy needed more than a spyware fix. He needed an attorney, and over $250,000 to pay his legal fees. On top of this, he lost his job.

In summary, the story was about a man who worked in law enforcement in the USA, who lost his job when he was accused of downloading illegal adult materials on his office-supplied laptop. It turned out that his computer was seriously infected with viruses, and hackers were using his computer to store and distribute illegal children-centric adult material. Having lost his job, and threatened with a 5-year jail term, he was finally able to prove his innocence when his computer (by itself) was surfing the net for one and a half hours while he was out having dinner with his wife!

Now, this is an amazing story, but the moral of it has deep implications for you. Can you imagine being hauled off to jail because someone, somewhere in cyberspace, has managed to infect your computer with a virus, and is watching illegal material on your computer? If nothing else, I am going to assume that after you have read this story, you will take the threat of spyware and virus infections very seriously. If you have not given this much thought lately, you need to protect yourself now.

A spyware is program that may be downloaded onto your computer via the Internet and is used to track your online behaviors. Others are intended to be destructive and annoying, and as in the example above, can get you into real trouble. No matter what the intention is, your most viable option for keeping up with virus and spyware threats, is to consistently complete a spyware fix process on a sustained basis.

No matter how safe you may think you are online, it does not take long before our computer can be infected with spyware or viruses that can facilitate identity theft, disable your computer, and even redirected your browser to websites you did not request. To keep yourself out of harms way, you should re-visit your computer virus protection plan immediately. If you have not done one lately, a spyware fix, or virus cleaning is in order.

Source by Anthony Chambers

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