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Article marketing is simply writing an article that is related to your niche or your website. For example if your website is about stainless steel coffee makers, then you would write an article about different kinds or brands of stainless steel coffee makers. Within your article you can place links that by clicking will navigate the reader to your website.

After you have written your article you will need to submit it to Article Directories, submitting to article directories is free. It is recommended that you submit it to only one directory, if you submit to more than one directory it will be considered as duplicate content.

So now that you have written a great article that will be beneficial to the readers and you have submitted your article to Article Directories, how will it bring you free endless traffic?

  1. Article Directories: Lets imagine that your article has been accepted and listed on one or few of the directories, when the reader visits these directories and search for stainless steel coffee makers or whatever your topic may be (keywords), they might come across your article and click and read it. Within the article there are links pointing to your website.
  2. Google: Another way that you will get traffic is from Google. If you have written a keyword rich article, your article will get indexed on Google. When people are searching on Google for your keywords, they will see your article if it’s listed highly on the search pages. You can improve your ranking on Google by creating backlinks to your article. Backlink means that there are other websites, blog or another article that is linking to your article that has been listed one of the article directories. The more backlinks that your article contains, the better it will get ranked on Google search page for your keywords.
  3. Other Websites and Blogs: The third way you will get traffic is by getting picked up by a website or a blog. Many people look for free content everyday for various topics. If your article is listed on their website, then the readers can click on your links that have been placed within the article, by clicking they will visit your website.

Source by Tony Saatlou

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