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First of all, things change over time, and the way we use social media is no exception. Younger generations prefer Twitter or Instagram, while older adults continue to be active Facebook users.

However, to be successful on social networks, it is not enough to just create a profile, you also have to capture the attention of customers. Thus, you can keep them interested in your content and encourage them to interact.

However, that is easier said than done, especially when the social media marketing competition is fierce. However, our goal is for you to learn how to easily interact with customers on social media. Here are some recommendations:

· Improve your commercial interaction in Instagram
In the case of Instagram, the protagonist is always the visual element. If you don’t put the effort into creating an attractive image, video, ad, or infographic, it’s hard to earn likes on Instagram.

Likewise, Instagram users want immediate information, to quickly decide whether to buy or not. It is advisable to have the prices of your products or services in the publication, or to give a direct WhatsApp line, so that the consumer can communicate

If a customer cannot find a price list, a contact number and their direct messages are not answered, they will simply stop being interested in the brand and what it offers.

· Optimize customer service on Facebook
If you represent an SME, you have to make a good impression. The appearance of a business Facebook page should be professional, and it has to take into account all the details. These range from the quality of the images to the writing of the posts.

This social network offers a wide variety of tools to business profiles, such as Facebook Business, ads, CTA buttons and custom tabs. Your Facebook page will be much more interactive if you use all these digital marketing options.

Although Facebook is not the most used commercial network, it is still a powerful platform, which many retain to see other people’s opinions about a brand, a product or a commercial location. Thus, you will earn many likes on Facebook.

· Take advantage of Twitter to know your target
Twitter is very direct, ideal for quickly communicating with your consumers. As on Facebook, it is important to work on your brand, and make it known for its differentiating elements.

Although they are similar in their operation, Twitter users tend to express themselves much more immediately than Facebook or Instagram users. Therefore, your opinion about a brand can go viral in just a few hours.

Do not forget that the business profile has to function as a store or a brand. In both cases, the director or manager has to create a strategic plan, which attracts consumers and that these, over time, become loyal customers. In this way, you will be able to increase your likes on Twitter.

Avoid these mistakes about interacting with customers on social media
To have a good relationship with your consumers and stop worrying about the interaction with your followers, you have to choose the simple and pleasant over the excess of information.

For example, if you post with a link in the text, your best option is to put the link elsewhere, such as in the comments or in a separate post. The links do not look good with the text, since they distract the reader, and rather than bringing them closer, it takes them away from the post.

In this sense, if your publications are short, precise and quick to read, you will be creating quality content. That should always be your most important goal.

Similarly, the comfort of your consumers has to be a priority. Respond quickly to comments or messages you receive, have your own URL that facilitates access to your profile, expand the “Information” section by adding schedules, maps or catalogs, and plan your publications based on the statistics of the social network you are. using.

Not responding to messages, not giving the necessary information, not having customer service hours, or copying the same model from other business profiles, are things that you should avoid at all costs.

Remember that, as in any professional area, it is not uncommon to make some mistakes when managing a profile on social networks. Several of these mistakes happen almost without you realizing it, or because you just didn’t know that you had to pay a little more attention to something specific.

The problem is that these errors can damage the reputation of your page, and make it less attractive to customers. Therefore, your relationship with the consumer is affected and the amount of sales decreases.

Conclusion on interacting with customers on social media
Social networks not only bring people together, but they also function as bridges that connect the online world. Going from Facebook to Twitter, and from there to Instagram only takes a few seconds, so your brand must be present on each of these platforms.

Keep in mind that Instagram is more visual than Facebook, so you can reserve your best photos for this application. While Twitter is very direct, ideal for quickly communicating with your consumers.

In general, the formula is the same, and it is based on designing a suitable profile, giving more importance to quality than to quantity. This includes making sure your content is visually appealing, uploading images or video in the correct format, creating an engaging logo, responding quickly to user messages, and advertising your ads.

Avoid posting the same content on all your social networks. Doing so would, of course, be the easiest but not the most convenient. Variety is important to maintain the connection, and above all, to create engagement with your followers.

Source by Muhammad Ramzan

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