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The goal of any online business is to earn money today. You could have the greatest website on the internet and be marketing the hottest selling product but if no one is coming to your site you won’t make any sales. Traffic, and lots of it is the key to generating sales from your website. How do you generate traffic without a large advertising budget? This article will discuss several free methods to do just that.

1. Search Engine Optimization – Just about everyone uses a search engine to find what they are looking for on the internet. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, or MSN. Haven’t you done this? Type in what you are looking for into Google and it gives you page after page of websites or articles related to your search. SEO is a must for anyone that has a site on the internet. When your website is optimized to be found by the search engines then you have a much better chance of driving traffic to it.

2. Social Networking has become all the rage recently and if you participate in sites like Facebook, Digg or Twitter then you have the potential of getting the word out about your website to hundreds if not thousands of potential buyers. It depends how active you are on those sites. Forming a large group of followers can substantially add to your list and increase your chances of making sales and to earn money today.

3. Forum Participation – this is a great way to mix and mingle with people that are interested in what you are selling. Find a forum that is related to the product that you are marketing. Learn what questions people are asking about it and answer as many as you can. Once you learn the rules of the forum you can most likely start posting your link to your website in the answers that you give. This will allow readers to click through to your website and hopefully join your list or purchase your product. This does take some work but it is well worth the time.

4. Article Writing – this is a great, free method of generating traffic and increasing your chances to earn money today. The concept here is that you write several articles related to the service or product that you are promoting. You then submit those articles to the various article directories that are out there. Someone finds your article on the internet (just like you found this one). Your article will contain a link in it that if the reader clicks on it they will be redirected to your website. There they will see what you are advertising or a sign up sheet for a free product. If they sign up you can add them to your list and start to communicate with them regarding what you are selling.

5. Guest Writing – if you like to write then you can offer to write a guest post for someone else’s blog. If you find a well established blog that has a large following of readers then writing a post with your website link in it is a great way to reach targeted traffic. Many blog owners are more than willing to accept a guest post. This relieves them of some of the work they have to do.

Source by Phil Graham

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